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My OpenGrok talk at the Sun Tech Days

I gave a presentation at Sun Tech Days Hyderabad on OpenGrok

My focus was on why developers with powerful IDEs would still benefit from using OpenGrok.

Highlights of the talk:
- Public praise from senior members at Sun on how this was an invigorating talk, and how they wished they'd lecturers like me when at college :)

- Focus on where one might use OpenGrok
- Focus on why use OpenGrok even though you have existing IDE.
- Emphasis on how OpenGrok aims to complement, rather than to replace, one's IDE.

Could have done better:
- prepared a demo with source control integration (integration with subversion)
- presented on how opengrok compares with lxr and other tools
I though I ought not to get into this as it would lead to a flame fest, but in hindsight, I do think I could have managed the show.
- Getting near-IDE search features using Open Grok
use regular expressions for searches such as "find classes implementing this interface".
- Present ideas to folks on how they might improve OpenGrok and thereby get started with Open Source contributions !
Add a "choose an Index" feature to the OpenGrok web app
Integrate with Lucene 2.0
Pull in sources from the web
Add support for other revision control systems
Add browsable code facilities to the OpenGrok GUI client
Integrate with Eclipse, Netbeans, IDEA!

Future plans
Work on the above ideas myself !
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