December 3rd, 2006

And the bar camp's over

What fun. I'd volunteered weeks ago, but was busy with work. Other colleagues were actively involved, and the event was a huge success.

Stuff that I enjoyed: Getting to meet other techies. Talking about old time stuff. Talking about what we do right at Thoughtworks.

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Belenix 0.5.1 - first impressions

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As a member of the Bangalore Open Solaris User Group, I'm actively involved with testing and evangelizing Open Solaris as well as Belenix.

I distributed about 20 Belenix LiveCDs today, and also tried it out on my laptop at home tonight.

Initial impressions of the Belenix 0.5.1 LiveCD:
- Moinak's done a great job with integrating the NVidia driver with Belenix.
- The "Belenix Info" text file on the KDE desktop is comprehensive. It contains helpful information for new users who may want to install Belenix onto their hard disk, or configure networking, etc.
- The startup time is better than before.
- Moinak hasn't integrated the LookingGlass yet. But I've got a preview version of Belenix with LookingGlass, and I like what I see.

I haven't yet tried out any of dtrace, ZFS , Containers and Zones.

I intend to test Belenix thoroughly during this week.