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Ram's Live Journal
Saturday, March 20th, 2010

Date:2010-03-20 22:23
Subject:See you at the Sun Tech Days !
Mood: nostalgic

I'm looking forward to giving my talk at the Sun Tech Days the coming week.

Rolling Solaris into the organization has been an interesting adventure. Buying a Fishworks unit was not working out, though I tried to make that happen twice. So, onto Plan B.

Plan B:
- Set up a cheap storage box using Solaris 10.
- Export NFS mount points and backup build artifacts onto that.
- Export iSCSI LUNs and use for VMWare
- Coach fellow sysadmins every step of the way, and make them manage these boxes
- Show how fast setting up VM eco systems can be when you use ZFS snapshots and clones (e.g. six VM environments ready for configuration in < 5 mins).
- Move on to Zones :)

Confidence building was the biggest task. I was helped by a few disks failing, and my colleagues discovering how awesome ZFS repairs can be.

We also use Linux DM based mirroring (since LVM mirroring is not upto the mark). ZFS mirroring speeds are easy to convince anyone, when they see even creating an empty 1 TB ext3 DM mirror can take upto six hours.

A very important thing that I've learned is that evangelizing Solaris technologies to the average Indian sysadmin requires a lot of Indianization, where we speak of Indian realities (dealing with people, management, budgets).

I'm looking forward to my talk on all of this at the Sun Tech Days on Thursday.

This is the last Sun Tech Days in India. Later, perhaps, it'll be part of the Javaone in India, perhaps as part of the "Develop" event.

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