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Ram's Live Journal
Thursday, April 15th, 2010

Date:2010-04-15 01:50
Subject:Belenix - the next steps
Mood: sleepy

Given the uncertainity around the OpenSolaris 2010.03 release and the absence of any clear information from Oracle on the opensolaris code base, the OpenSolaris distro, and the opensolaris community, it is but natural to wonder as to what would happen next.

Moinak and I have been discussing these topics ourselves nearly everyday.

Our thoughts are as follows:
- Let the OGB meet together, and perhaps also meet a senior Oracle person such as Dan Roberts, and understand what Oracle's plans are as well as the reason for the silence.
The OGB represents the community, and is supposed to represent and oversee the Community Groups, so it's best the OGB take optimistic and friendly steps toward Oracle.

- It is not yet time to fork the code base. Let us learn conclusively that Oracle will not be contributing code, and then take a decision along with the opensolaris community.

Our plans at present are to get the Belenix 0.8 release out, and to then work with the community and the OGB to talk to Oracle and decide on further steps.

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