August 26th, 2010

rpm ready, smart in testing :)

Just thought I'd let the world know that we've got rpm working on Belenix this weekend. We're able to use rpmbuild to generate packages, and I'm running most of my custom stuff as rpm installs :)

There was a curious issue with rpm (my usual mis-build karma, I think), so I got rpm5 in place instead.

smart's working as well, but there's some testing in progress more to do with me understanding smart better.

I haven't touched yum yet, though, since smart's more exciting at the moment :)

So just in case Nexenta's Debian-alignment doesn't work out, we have a plan B at least (though I'm myself partial to rpm, to Centos's stability, and to Fedora's clean new packages).

What fun !

OpenSolaris != opensolaris

I've always held that the OpenSolaris distro is different from the opensolaris community and code base.

There's been no formal communication about what Oracle intends to do with the opensolaris community + codebase. Leaked mails, news from friends within and from vendors did give a number of us insights into what's happening around.

If one were to go by the leaked email then the distro is dead and the mercurial repo will get some code pushed to it (under the CDDL license) only after Solaris 11 is release.

Circumstances may change in the future, and Oracle may push through nothing at all.

Rather than whine about source being closed, or Oracle reneging on promises made in Feb, I'd rather thank Sun for releasing the excellent code to the world, and congratulate them on putting together an engineering team that created such amazing functionality !

Thank you, Sun, and thank you, all you Sun engineers who created such wonderful work.

I just cannot use a Linux based distro full time ever again.

The OGB is dissolved

The opensolaris governing board has resigned, thereby handing control of the community to Oracle.

The OGB has done a good job in so far as their powers as a Governing Board are concerned. Before one declared them to be "weak" or "powerless", we should remember that most of them are strong enough to run their own distros. Indeed, Moinak created Belenix, and didn't hesitate to quit Sun when the pressure to stop work on Belenix became too disappointing (among several other reasons).

If Oracle really believes in community, etc, then this is the time for them to put their act together. After all, one of their VPs - Jeb Dasteel - has said in writing from an email address that Oracle is interested in the community.

Surely Jeb must have some worth of his own words both as a senior Oracle officer, and as a senior person in the industryu.

Also, Oracle must have some self-respect of their own so explain their VP's statements and promises to the community.