dynamicproxy (dynamicproxy) wrote,

ZFS and Netapp - What's the latest ?

During 2008, there was considerable clamour in the opensolaris (and other) communities about how Sun and Net App were levelling allegations and accusations at each other on whether Sun had stolen ideas/infringed on Netapp patents when builing ZFS.

Yesterday, after I spoke to a Netapp person at a local LUG meet (we had a brief but polite and good conversation), I decided to find out more about the latest news on Netapps vs SUN (on the topic of ZFS).

Apart from this blog post by Jonathan Schwartz (http://blogs.sun.com/jonathan/entry/harvesting_from_a_troll), I've been unable to get any information more conclusive.

Does anyone know more about where this matter stands today ?

Update: Here's a wikipedia link : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/NetApp#Legal_dispute_with_Sun_Microsystems
Tags: belenix, opensolaris
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