dynamicproxy (dynamicproxy) wrote,

rpm ready, smart in testing :)

Just thought I'd let the world know that we've got rpm working on Belenix this weekend. We're able to use rpmbuild to generate packages, and I'm running most of my custom stuff as rpm installs :)

There was a curious issue with rpm (my usual mis-build karma, I think), so I got rpm5 in place instead.

smart's working as well, but there's some testing in progress more to do with me understanding smart better.

I haven't touched yum yet, though, since smart's more exciting at the moment :)

So just in case Nexenta's Debian-alignment doesn't work out, we have a plan B at least (though I'm myself partial to rpm, to Centos's stability, and to Fedora's clean new packages).

What fun !
Tags: opensolaris belenix
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